What Do We Know About Pharyngitis?

Pharyngitis is a common disease that may be observed frequently in daily life among people living in society. What is pharyngitis? It is mainly a problem in the throat, also referred to “sore throat” in the daily usage of terminology. The definition of pharyngitis may be made in many versions where medical definition of pharyngitis is made by using mainly the two medical concepts: “Inflammation” and “Pharynx” (back of the throat). In this context, pharyngitis is generally referred to as “Inflammation” regarding “Pharynx”.

The dignosis of pharyngitis is important to take into consideration to determine the correct treatment for the disease. In the diagnosis, “individualized diagnosis” taking into consideration of the background history of the relevant patient is fundamentally important to identify the main reasons for the disease.

After identification of the reasons for the disease, pharyngitis treatment is the next stage in which many methods and tools may be used. In general terms, there are easily accesible methods and tools when staying at home as well. In this context, proper rest at home to strengthen the immune system is important to cite.

A regular way of life, balancing the working and private life hours is essential to keep the balance of the body. Keeping a constant temperature of the body together with the environment lived or worked in are to be focused on carefully. It is good to refrain from unnecessary use of voice not to irritate the throat.

Smoking and alcohol consumption are among “don’t”s for pharyngitis. Consumption of large amount of water is useful. Drinking warm water with lemon and honey would be fine for pharyngitis to soothe the thorat as well as having warm soup (especially chicken soup). Acidic and severely spicy foods may be suggested to keep away. Dry/fried foods are again the ones to live in a distance when there is pharyngitis.

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