What is a Tonsil İnfection?

Tonsil infection happens when the tonsils get across with bacteria and viruses. If you have such a problem frequently you have to visit a doctor probably he/she will decide to take you in an operation because in such cases to take the infected parts is very dangerous so the easiest way to come over this problem is to take all the tonsils. In tonsils operation they make you an anaesthesia so you feel nothing. The operation last 20 to 30 minutes so we can say that it is not a hard operation to do as it can be understood from the time that it takes. In total with the anaesthesia and operation time in total it takes 1 hour. The tonsils get out of your mouse without cutting anything. The surgeon will take the tonsils from where they are and stop the blooding.


The Recovery Process After Tonsils Operation

After the operation the area where the tonsils was situated will stay as an open wound so while swallowing something you will probably have problems and feel bad. These can cause ache in the throat and such problems like that. If you look at your throat you can see that the area where your tonsils were situated is white and pink.


This look is not because of an infection but it will last for 15-20 days. After that period of time the area will be covered with a pink tissue.


Cases That You Have To Have a Surgery

If your upper respiratory system is stuck because of your tonsils infection, if you have infection around your tonsils and doubt about having a malignant tumor you have to have a tonsil operation. Beside these reasons there may be other reasons that causes you to have a tonsil surgery.





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