What is a Tonsil Operation

Tonsils are situated in both side of our throat. They catch the bacteria and microbes and help our body and immune system to fight against them. To fight these bacteria tonsils make new antibody and cells of immune system. The tonsils are smaller in new born babies because of the immunoglobulin that pass from the mother to the baby itself. At the age of 4-5 the tonsils seen in babies will grow because they will encounter with bacteria and fight against them and probably will be infected. Some years later they will be in their normal size.


What is Tonsilitis and When an Operation is Necessary

A tonsillitis happen when the tonsils encounter with bacteria. If you have tonsillitis nearly all of the year or these problems occurs currently you should visit a doctor and probably he/she will tell you to have an operation. When tonsillitis happen so frequently it means that your tonsils are not able to solve the problem by themselves so that they should be out of your body. Tonsils operation are done by ears, nose and throat doctors. The first thing to do is to take pills if it is not enough and you could not get over the problem the second choice should be applied which is to have an operation.


Cases That You Should Have Operation

If your upper respiratory system get stuck because of the tonsillitis. If you have peritonsiller abses. If your doctor have a doubt that you have a malignant tumor or tumors. If your tonsils damage any of your organ you have to have tonsils operation.


40% of the tonsils operation are done because of the repetitive tonsillitis. If you had face these problem 7 times in a year, 5 times in a year but which had repeated during two years you have to have tonsils operation.



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