What is Allergic Pharyngitis?

Definition: Pharyngitis is a common disease that may be observed frequently in public. What is allergic pharyngitis? In allergic pharyngitis, penetration of allergen is directly inside the body through mouth. People having allergic pharyngitis may have a hoarse voice, there may be need to change the tone of voice, the nose is always “wet”, frequent sneezing may occur besides dry cough. There is irritation in throat and difficulty in swallowing. There is a feeling that directs the person concerned to cough to get rid of a foreign substance in throat.

Reasons: Pharyngitis causes vary which include unbalanced environmental temperature, inhalation of harmful gases and chemical products (especially cleansing ones), pet hair, polen and dust. Also, weakness in immune system may be cited as an important cause for pharyngitis. Smoking and consumption of alcohol are other reasons to be emhasized in this respect.

Diagnosis: It is the best to consult a doctor on the reasons for allergy. A detailed test in a laboratory may be suggested by the relevant doctor to determine the main reason for allergic pharyngitis. Individualized diagnosis is important in this sense.

Treatment: The balance between inner and outer of ourselves is a pre-requisite to be established. In this respect, positive and constructive way of thinking adopted as a way of life is advisable. Having a regular life, with a balance of work and private life is essential. Proper resting is useful to keep the immune system safe.

To cope with allergic pharyngitis, large consumption of water is useful. Spicy, salty, acidic food should be avoided as much as possible. Warm water, soup are good to consume. Trying to use the voice as necessary as possible is a “must”. Avoiding alchohol and smoking are foremost essential. Maintaining clean and moisted air in all environments is useful. In the same parallel, need for a balanced temperature of the body is also worth to underline.

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