What is Bacterial Pharayngitis?

Pharyngitis is a disease caused by inflammation of the pharyngitis. In other words, pharyngitis means simply throat inflammation. Generally the infection of tonsillitis is also seen simultaneously with the disease. This disease can be caused by viruses or bacteria. There are several types of bacterial pharyngitis.

What İs Bacterial Disease?

Bacterial diseases include any type of disease that is caused by bacteria. Bacteria are microorganisms, which are small forms of life that can only be seen with a microscope. Examples of such microorganisms are some fungi and some parasites. The vast majority of bacteria do not cause disease, and many bacteria actually perform important tasks within the body. These bacteria are known as beneficial bacteria. However, also many types of bacteria causes diseases. Bacterial pharyngitis treatment includes the use of drugs such as antibiotics. This drugs should be taken under doctor advise.

Bacterial Pharayngitis

In the type of bacterial pharayngitis, harmful bacteria multiplies withtin the pharynx and cause the throat to be infected. If the pharyngitis is not treated, the bacteria population grows rapidly and it gets harder to cure. Sometimes, lack of treatment can turn the disease into chronical or indirect complciations can be seen such as heart diseases. The most common bacterial agent causing pharyngitis is known as streptococcus bacteria, which is known as beta haemolytic streptococcus in medical words. Unlike adenoviruses, there are more generalized symptoms and numberly more symptoms to detect in this bacterial type. Bacterial pharyngitis symptoms include mainly throat related ones. This illness causes throat to become red and swollen with enlarged and delicate lymph glands. Also, sickness generally cause high temperature, headache, muscle pain and joint pain. Sometimes it may not be possible to separate viral and bacterial causes of sore throat but there are common symptoms to detect streptococcus type pharyngitis.

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