What Is Causes of A Sore Throat?

Cold, mononucleosis, measles and croup disease, virus diseases, usually manifests itself with a sore throat. Among the infections the bacteria that cause sore throats, tonsillitis, diphtheria, a bacterial infection that is commonly seen and which are epiglottit.


Sore Throat Is A Caused By İnfection

Contamination the most common cause of sore throat is infection from person to person and can be passed through. The most common causes of infection of viruses (colds, the flu or mononucleosis) or bacteria (strep,Mycoplasma, or Haemophilus, such as). The most important difference between bacteria and viruses viruses bacteria, while responding well to antibiotic treatment. Including tonsillitis, pharyngitis, outpatient visits, 15% of generates. Are divided into viral and bacterial.


Sore Throat Due To Viruses

The most common cause of sore throat is the flu or the common cold and is called. Nasal congestion/runny nose, sneezing, and generalized aches and a sore throat is accompanied by. This infection, contamination as the cause of epidemics lead to the high amount especially during the winter months.

Sore Throat Due To Bacteria

At the beginning of bacterial causes of sore throat streptococcal infections. Streptococcal infection of the heart valves (rheumatic fever) and kidneys (nephritis) may cause damage to it. High fever, streptococcal infections, tonsillitis, pneumonia, sinusitis, and ear infections can cause. To prevent the complications of streptococcal infection should be treated with antibiotics.


Sore Throat Due To Laryngitis

The most common cause of laryngitis is a viral infection of childhood. Often are mild and follows a viral upper respiratory tract infection. Cough, mild dysphonia, rhinitis, and vomiting. Rhinovirus, parainfluenza, RSV, adenovirus has been accused of. Influenza, measles, mumps, and chicken pox can also laryngitis. Symptoms diagnosed by medical history and diagnosis.

Laryngeal examination is not required. If so, erythematous mucosa are seen in normal vocal fold movement and. Self-limited, treatment is through hydration hydration and. Self-limiting disease. Dampening, sound rest, hydration, smoking, expectorant, and is treated with antitussif.



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