What İs Epiglottitis?

Epiglottitis is one of the life-threatening conditions in which air entrainment in the lungs is blocked with swelling of the cartilaginous structure called epiglottis or "laryngeal cap" located in the throat area.


What are the signs of epiglottitis in adults?

Signs in adults show up in a few days rather than in a few hours, like in children. Symptoms and findings include:


• difficulty swallowing.

• severe throat pain

• muffled sound or vocalization

• fever

• shortness of breath

• abnormal and tremulous breathing

What are epiglottitis risk factors?


• Being a male: Epiglottitis affects men more than women.

• Having a weak immune system: If the immune system is weakened due to a disease or drugs taken, the epiglottite causes bacterial infections to spread more easily.

• Vaccine deficiency: If the necessary vaccinations are made late or not, it will cause the child's body to be vulnerable to "Hib" bacteria.

A common cause inflammation of epiglottis swelling and surrounding tissues is bacterial infection "Haemophilus influenza type b (Hib)". The Hib bacterium is responsible for a number of serious conditions. Meningitis is also the beginning of these. During coughing or sneezing, infected Hib particles are spread by air. Although you are not ill, it is possible that you have Hib bacteria in your nose and throat. This increases the potential for bacteria to spread from you.

Epiglottitis is an emergency medical condition. Therefore, if you or a close friend complain of the above mentioned complaints, you should contact the emergency service immediately or call emergency services. Until you receive medical support, make sure the patient is in the upright position and silent. With this he will breathe better. You should not try to examine the patient's throat yourself. You can make things worse.




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