What Is Good At Home For A Throat Pain?

Sore throat is one of the symptoms of many diseases. In the throat, sometimes mild, sometimes severe pain, occurs. In such cases, the patient may find alternatives to home sore throat. Some of these alternatives are;



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  • Drink plenty of fluids. At home, you can drink herbal teas to relieve your throat. Black tea can cause irritation in the throat due to "tannic acid". You do not want to irritate your throat, which is sensitive during infection. For this reason, you should prefer herbal teas instead of black tea.

  • Gargle with salt water. Prepare salt water and gargle with a glass of water, a teaspoon of salt. This will help relieve your throat.

  • Choose foods that are easy to eat. Take care to consume soft foods that will not irritate your delicate throat in your meal choice.


  • Vitamin C is effective in combating viruses. Choose foods rich in vitamin C. In particular, consume plenty of lemon.

  • Saffron is a powerful antidote. For throat pain, mix half a teaspoon saffron and half a teaspoon salt into a glass of hot water, and gargle with a little bit of water.

  • Stay away from dirty air. Moisten the air in your home. You can soften your pain by pulling it out of the water boil you boil.

  • The "capsicum" substance in the bitter pepper helps fight pain with inflammation and inflammation. You can gargle with a glass of water adding hot pepper or hot pepper sauce. Your throat will burn, but for a short time this pain will help you heal.

  • Feed on foods that will keep you fit like honey tea and chicken juice.

  • If you smoke, do not smoke at this time.

Attention! These alternatives should definitely be done in a controlled manner depending on the treatment given after consultation with the doctor. In case of a side effect, you should definitely tell the doctor



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