What is Laryngitis?

Laryngitis is the infection seen in the throat. İt is caused by infection and irritation and show it up itself very openly. This disease can cause the loss of voice and such problems. Laryngitis causes are very similar with pharyngitis causes. If you talk very loudly, if you had cold or bronchitis all of these can cause you to have laryngitis. There are several factors that can trigger it as well which can be the use of alcohol, cigarette, to hot and cold beverages, spicy dishes and fizzy drinks are some of them.


Laryngitis can be threaten in 1 or 3 weeks by its own. During the recovery period you have to drink as much as water as you can and be really careful to not to use your voice. For making the recovery process easy and faster you can drink soup, tea, and these kinds of hot beverages. You can also make some exercise with your vocal cords.


Symptoms of Laryngitis

The loss of voice or aphonia are both very common symptoms of laryngitis. Dryness seen in the throat can be a symptoms which is highly seen before laryngitis. If you have any kind of irritation in your throat this can also be caused by laryngitis. If you cough too much but it is a dry cough this one is also a symptoms seen in laryngitis. To come over these as we mentioned before you have to give your voice a break otherwise it will last longer and the recovery process will take too much time.


Causes Of Laryngitis

The main reason of laryngitis is the overuse of vocal cords but beside that it can be caused by an infection seen in the back of the throat. Bacterial infection can also trigger this disease and make it worse.



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