What Is The Cause Of Adenoid?

Adenoid, help to protect babies and children from being sick, is the name of the spongy tissues. Adenoids, the nasal cavity and the roof of the mouth and tonsils on the rear side of the same, such as by trapping harmful bacteria and viruses by stimulating the immune system, helps the body stay healthy. However, it also contains antibodies that help the body fight infection.


What are the factors that cause the adenoid growth?

In some cases, when we fight germs trying to enter the body, adenoid tissue swelling may occur. This swelling usually corrects itself, but sometimes you may need to intervene with treatment swelling. Enlargement of adenoids is a common condition. In this case, may indicate the growth of the tonsils.


How to diagnose the adenoid growth?

Adenoid growth to diagnose, your doctor, primarily ear, nose and throat examination. In some cases, nasal endoscopic examination or X-rays may be requested.


What is the treatment for adenoid?

In the treatment with the first drug for the treatment of adenoids is applied. Antibiotic therapy is initiated before the type of the microbe that causes the disease must be determined.

If inflammation is frequently repeated however, if you stop being protective and damaging it no longer becomes a structure. In this case it must be surgically removed.

Adenoid surgery, easily applied with a minimum of pain and a surgery. Under general anesthesia, enlarged adenoids removed. After surgery, the patient can return home on the same day. In rare cases, the introduction of the bumper to the back of the nose and patients in a hospital may need to be overnight guest. Some patients may indicate that adenoid Regrowth. In this case, the operation is repeated.



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