What is The Cause Of Adenoid Growth?

Nasal the nose in the back of the throat at the top of the area. In this region an immune system organ that is present from birth and which was killed germs from outside the adenoids.

Lymph cells have a role in the construction of the adenoids. Is smaller than in the neonatal period. Grows as a result of infections that need to be in 4-5 years. Advanced age shows the trend in downsizing. Adenoids impede respiration through the nose and nasal congestion to be the greatest of leads. The boy who can't breathe through the nose, mouth breathing; the air that goes from the mouth dirty and contaminated outside air cannot be filtered because the throat is reached and very often the child will experience an upper respiratory tract infection.


Adenoid is growth if the following symptoms are seen;

  • Nasal congestion occurs; therefore, the child you are forced to breathe through the nose,

  • Harder to breathe, difficulty in going to sleep and snoring occur. Children, therefore, remains sleepless and tired.

  • Sore throat and difficulty swallowing are seen.

  • Glands in the neck occur

  • Consists of ear problems.

What is the cause of adenoid enlargement?

Under the mucous membrane in the nasal region, include numerous lymphoid formations that fight germs from the nose. Parents smoking near the child, allergies, exposure to repetitive contact of microorganisms and especially as a result of these causes the formation of lymphoid formations and adenoids grow.


What is the problems Causes of adenoids?

good night's sleep is the Golden Key of growth and learning for children. Research a quality night's sleep, the child what they have learned throughout the day, the arrangement to refresh their energy stores, speeds and promotes the mental development has shown that growth hormone secretion is ample. Of the most important factors of sleep disorders in children is adenoid enlargement. Adenoid the growing child draws breath from the mouth of the germs that will not filter. Neglected nasal problems, infectious diseases, sinusitis, orthodontic disorders, growth retardation, attention deficit, and causes problems such as school failure.



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