What is The Cause Of Adenoid İnflammation?

Inflammation of the adenoids, is located in the upper part of the throat behind the nose and the external environment, which is an immune system organ that were killed the bacteria from the adenoids, in some cases, it may be very an important health problem.


What is the causes inflammation of adenoids?

Upper respiratory tract while breathing continuously in contact with microorganisms. Fighting bacteria from the external environment that enter the body through breathing in the nasal region include many lymphoid. Smoking and allergic diseases due to lymphoid environments to be found becomes larger and causes inflammation of the adenoids. Especially the movement, which started in the era of early diagnosis of inflammation of the adenoids was correct and when recognized, is a disease that can be successful when it has been treated. When you are cured of this disease that affects the development of children the development of children continues in an orderly manner.

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Treatment of adenoid inflammation:

Adenoid infection has shown in the success of drug therapy in cases where surgical methods are applied. In cases of sinusitis caused by inflammation of nasal or ear infections, upper respiratory tract blockage due to nasal inflammation, nasal cavity is detected in a tumor, inflammation of the adenoids, adenoid infection in case of breaking the jaw structure can be taken and continuous on the occurrence of adenoid surgery.

Blood clotting problems, and semi-palate surgery in patients with this status can be dangerous.

Adenoid surgery today, modern medical instruments are done using kids, because it can be made safe and secure. Made in childhood, and most children are discharged the day after this operation was performed in quite a short time and can continue their normal lives.




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