What Is The Cause Of Hoarseness In Children?

Voice be used in children in a bad way, is one of the most important causes of hoarseness. Speech of children, often yelling may lead to temporary hoarseness in children. Reflux and hoarseness of the larynx in children. Clearing his throat and coughing if your child is above normal mind feel the need to reflux of the larynx in children with the possibility of being must come. One of the most common causes of hoarseness in children is viral infections. Dimmable cold the voice of the living child. On your child's vocal cords nodules, polyps and cysts can also lead to duyulama muted. Nodules formed on the vocal chords nasirimsi structures. Polyps, nodules, according to a fluid-filled structure. Cysts on the skin that is wrapped by a fluid-filled sac.


Other causes of hoarseness in children, laryngitis, lung diseases, Allergy, common in mutational falsetto male voice in the transition to adulthood of children(puberfoni), smoke or chemical gas exposure, and psychological problems.


How Can A Child Suffer From A Hoarseness?

Long-term sound attenuation in the event of the first doctorate to be done first hand is required to make the diagnosis.

Hoarseness in children, allergies, colds, laryngitis the treatment of this disease health problems such as resources from your child with hoarseness if it is getting hot, too, shall pass.

Hoarseness, screaming, crying if it came from a few days of rest for the vocal cords, the sound will allow you to return to normal. Use a steam machine in the room or the child's respiratory system to loosen up and the sound reduction the treatment process will speed up.


A total of 4-5 cups a day your child is drinking, the throat, the voice path can keep it moist, and you can contribute positively to the treatment of hoarseness.



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