What Is The Hoarseness?

Hoarness is a condition involving complete or partial loss of voice. In this case, It has a thinner, more coarse, forked, quick-exhausted, constantly choked, whisper-shaped case, and even a sieve that never comes out in some infections.


What are the reasons for hoarseness?

The causes of Harness are mainly due to: bad or misleading speech (excessive speech or shouting, smoking, excessive alcohol and caffeine consumption, exposure to dirty air), laryngitis (bacterial, viral or fungal), thoat reflux, thickening in voice pads, nodules or polyps in voice wires, neurological disorders (eg multiple sclerosis, parkinson's disease), laryngeal nerve injury after neck or thoracic surgery, some psychological problems, audible, throat cancer.


What is the treatment of hoarseness?

The treatment of hoarseness varies according to the illness causing the voice anxiety. Because voice annoyance is not a disease, it is a symptom of other diseases. For this reason, treatment should be examined separately in the case of diseases causing voice disorders.


If therapies are briefly categorized;

  • Vocal cord inflammation is generally treated with medication.

  • Voice paralysis is sometimes linked to diseases like tumors and sometimes to goitre operations.

  • During the goiter surgery, sometimes the auditory nerve can be interrupted. In this case, some nerve and muscle operations can be done.

  • In the case of hoarseness caused by the reflux of the throat, both drug therapy and the patient are advised to pay attention to some habits, especially nutrition.

  • If the voice is connected to a malignant tumor of the pharyngeal gland, the patient is treated surgically. In this operation, part or all of the throat is removed according to the prevalence of the tumor. The voice function is absolutely influenced by this operation.

Hoarseness can be a symptom of illness.. Because of this, patients should go to the doctor urgently when they have symptoms. Early diagnosis will speed up the process of treatment of the disease.




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