What Is The Reason Of Throat Cancer?

One of the cancer types that cause high rates of smoking and alcohol is throat cancer. Throat cancer surgical intervention is often required. Voice problems may be seen in the patient before and after the throat cancer surgery.


What Is Causes Of Throat Cancer?

It is not known in detail how the throat cancer has emerged. However, the following factors increase the risk of laryngeal cancer:


Smokers throat cancer more than 25 times more per day to forty. Smoked per day regardless of this rate, applies to persons who have smoked cigarettes for forty years.

  • The amount of cigarettes smoked or the duration lengthens, risk increases.

  • Alcohol and cigarettes are similar to the irritation of his throat. Cancer of the throat in individuals who consume alcohol, those who consume more than three times.

  • A combination of alcohol and smoking when consumed, the risk fold.

  • Smoking along with consuming a sugary drink can increase the risk of cancer of the throat.


Genetic Factors

First-degree relative (mother, father, brother, son) in people with cancer of the larynx, is twice that of developing cancer of the throat.

Consume Fried Food

Foods prepared by frying in oil was found to increase the risk of cancer of the throat. Red meat and processed foods (sausage, pepperoni, fast food, food) consume and increases the risk of cancer of the throat.


Exposure To Toxic Substances

Common terms, especially in the work environment can be caused by cancer of the larynx below:

  • Asbestos (ships, aircraft, automobile and construction industry has been used)

  • Coal and wood dust

  • Vapor paint

  • Oil, fuel

  • Nickel (stainless steel, magnets, coinage, etc. has been used in production)

  • Sulfuric acid vapor

  • Formaldehyde (textile, sectors such as may be encountered in insulation)

  • Isopropyl alcohol (solvent and has been used as a cleanser).



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