What is Viral Pharayngitis?

Pharyngitis is a disease caused by inflammation of the pharyngitis. In other words, pharyngitis means simply throat inflammation. Generally the infection of tonsillitis is also seen simultaneously with the disease. This disease can be caused by viruses or bacteria.

What is Viral Disease?

Viral infections are a common name given to diseases caused by various types of viruses. Viruses can also cause serious diseases such as HIV / AIDS, flower and hemorrhagic fever, as well as infectious diseases known as colds, flu and warts. Viruses are smaller than bacteria and fungi and thet are surrounded by encapsulated microorganisms with genetic material inside. Viruses invade the living body’s cells and use these cells to reproduce and grow. So viruses need host cells to survive and reproduce. Drugs such as antibiotics do not cure viral diseases.

Viruses enter the cell, also called the host cell, and leave DNA or RNA in the cell. A virus is a genetic material that contains information necessary to replicate DNA or RNA viruses. This genetic material takes control of the cell as a pirate and forces the cell to multiply. A virus-infected cell usually dies because the virus steals the normal functions of the cell. When the cell dies, it releases the new virus that will infect other by the same method desribed above.

 Viral Pharayngitis

There are different type of viruses causing viral pharyngitis. Viral pharyngitis symptoms include pain in the throat pain, difficulty in swallowing, a full nose, headaches, redness in the tonsillitis, swelling in the lymph nodes and a high fever. Especially acute pharyngitis is caused by viruses most of the time. Since viruses are not really living organisms, it is not possible to cure viral pharyngitis by the use of drugs such as antibiotics. Hence, viral pharyngitis treatment includes herbal medication,rsting and healthy nutritions.

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