What Is Viral Throat Infection?

Viral infection in the throat occurs in the case of close contact with sick people. Most infections in the throat are caused by viruses. Adenovirus is the most common virus in the throat viral infection. In this case, the lymph nodes swell up. These swellings can be very painful, but do not have redness in the throat so much. Another virus that causes viral infection in the throat is influenza virus. High fever, headache, sore throat are symptoms of viral throat infections. At advanced stages, pharyngitis occurs.


Simple colds also affect the formation of viral infections in the throat. These viruses are rhinovirus, coronavirus. These viruses that cause viral infection in the throat also cause nose and ear infections. There is nasal discharge and sneezing as a symptom. It causes ear ache and drip. It also prepares for the formation of lung infections.


Viral infection in the throat is very easily transmitted. The tableware of the patient should not be used by another person. Close contact and being in the same room (inhaling same air) should be avoided if possible. Throat cultures are examined for the definitive diagnosis of viral infection in the throat. Once it is diagnosed, antibiotic treatment can be started and it will result quickly. The most common symptom of viral infection in the throat is burning sensation in the throat, pain in the throat while swallowing, nasal discharge and cough. Sometimes it affects vocal cord. Difficulty in breathing occurs.


When the viral infection in the throat is being treated, plenty of liquids should be taken and drinking herbal teas such as linden can be used like adjuvant treatment. White tea has positive effects so white tea can be drunk. If severe pain occurs, lozenges or sprays that are used for relieving pain can be used.



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