What People With Sore Throat Should Be Careful To Sore Throat 

This problem can be seen in many people in our era. It was like that even in the past. It is a very common problem that many poeple face with it. It is also known  as pharyngitis. There may be several factors that cause sore throat. To give a few examples; The first thing that effect it is the persons life style. If you live in an industrial city the air is usually polutad and that dirty air can damage your throat in a very bad way. The second thing is that if you use your voice too much this can also cause a damage in the throat which can cause sore throat.


Beside these facts there are also many other things that can cause a sore throat. To cure the sore throat usually the doctors give you some antibiothics. There are also sometimes that antibiothics will not be enough to cure the illness. For example, if your disease is chronical in this case the use of antibiothis will not usefull. There are also other ways to cure it beside chemicals such as using natural anticeptics. People with sore throat should be careful of the facts that trigger their illnes. Usually allergies are the main thing that affect and trigger sore throat. Beside this there may be other factors as well. 


How To Cure A Sore Throat

There are several things to cure this problem. The mostly used one is the sage. You can drink its tea or wash your mouth with it. Mint and ginger are the two other herb that can be used to repair your damaged throat. To help your throat to recover first you have to keep your troat wet and to do this you have to drink a plenty of water.




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