What Should Be Considered in The Treatment Of Unrelated Throat Pain?

Today, quite often public health problems that affect the society, which are seen as symptoms of sore throat, the most common complaint in reference to their primary care physicians is one of the reasons. But viruses and bacteria are the main causes of sore throat, Laryngitis, Acute laringotrakeit, sinusitis, allergic rhinitis, Reflux, lung infections, and tumors are among the causes of sore throat. Sore throat may be contagious depending on factors infection, especially viral infections, and group a beta-hemolytic streptococci called the transmission of bacterial infection is high.

All treatment methods applied, and still ongoing treatment primarily for patients with sore throat in addition to life style you should pay attention to. So let's see the characteristics that cause a sore throat.


Depending on cigarette use, sore throat

In the case of Smoking, the respiratory and oropharyngeal mucosa overlying the involved toxic substances into the air can irritate the throat. Pharyngitis and laryngitis, and several other factors cause inflammation of the irritation and consequently creates called first with sore throat and hoarseness. Smoking for a long time in cases of a series of changes begins in the mucosa. These changes may have a sore throat and eventually will develop cancer due to this.

Due to excessive use of voice sore throat

Loud talking, yelling, to talk continuously for a long time, deterioration of sound quality, speech difficulties and sore throat causes. This usually appears in people who exercised their profession by using your voice. Singers, announcers, the call of the muezzin-center employees, such as teachers. This simple, starting with a sore throat, the sound was bad for a long time or in people who are using the vocal cords of the vocal cords benign lesions and can progress to bleeding.


Extreme cold and hot spicy foods

This tour will change from person to person in the way food and drinks pharyngeal and laryngeal irritation by creating by creating in the region can cause a sore throat. Tumoral lesions that can cause sore throat long term use of developed.



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