What Should Be Followed After Tonsillectomy?

Frequent catching of tonsillitis is a decision to perform tonsillectomy. More children are caught in tonsillitis. Because of this, tonsillectomy is performed mostly in children. But it is also seen in genes and adults. Tonsils of tonsillectomy are taken. Two tonsils, which are located on opposite sides of the right and left sides of the throat, are taken during this operation. Tonsils do not form again after they are taken. So there will be no tonsils in the rest of the person's life. There are some points that people with tonsillectomy should pay attention to. We can list what people with tonsillectomy should pay attention to.


  • After the operation, the doctor should act accordingly.
  • Drugs given by the doctor should be taken regularly.
  • Cold ice cream should be eaten.
  • Nutrition list should be fulfilled after tonsillectomy.
  • Move away from the throat and talk should be avoided.
  • The interval at which the operation is performed should be checked for bleeding.
  • Care should be taken to feed the first week after tonsillectomy.


  • It should be avoided from acidic and hot drinks after the operation and within the first week.
  • After tonsillectomy, care should be taken until the end of the healing process.
  • When swallowing, food should be avoided that will cause pain and irritate the throat.
  • Abundant amount of liquid and fruit should be consumed.
  • Red food should be avoided.
  • Movements that require heavy body movements should be avoided.
  • Chewing gum should be chewed to accelerate the healing process.


  • After tonsillectomy, it should not be smoked and should not be discolored where there is cigarette smoke.
  • The doctor should be informed if measurements should be made at regular intervals against fever and pain after surgery.


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