What Should People Who Have Adenoid Pay Attention?

Tonsils and adenoid are the organs belonging to the lymphoid system, which are defense mechanisms of the body. Adenoid can be seen through the use of equipment called endoscopes. However, it may not always be possible to do this examination in children.


When adenoid is large more than normal size, blockage of the nasal passage will occur. In this case, the child may have nasal obstruction, sleeping by opening mouth, snoring, especially if there are also enlarged tonsils, accompanied by asphyxiation during sleeping that is called apnea. If it is not noticed and if there is no timely intervention, the development of the face and the palate in the child may be negatively affected. The child is a growing organ. Nasal breathing is very important for this organism. In a child who constantly breathes from the mouth and who snores may appear on a child's face with the nasal bridge is oblateness.


Sleep quality is of capital importance for children. Some hormones released during sleep play a role in the healthy growth of the child. Research has shown that children with apnea whose sleep quality is impaired decrease in these substances and increase in these substances after tonsillectomy or adenoidectomy. These findings are the scientific support of the ‘after adenoidectomy-tonsillectomy, he or she grows tall’ statements.


The middle ear is connected with the nasal passage by Eustachian tube. The main task of the Eustachian tube is to ventilate and drainage the middle ear. In the normal condition, the mouth of the eustachian tube that is closed is opened by swallowing and stretching. In children, the forehead pipe looks more horizontally in the head. It arrives at the age of 7 on its normal angle. This situation makes it easier for the microbes that are in the nasal passage to reach the middle ear.



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