What Should The Person Who The Growth Of Adenoid Pay Attention To?

Adenoid is an organ that helps the development of the immune system and the killing of microbes in childhood.

What kind of problems can the big adenoid cause?

When adenoid is large, the nose may create a blockage at the point it opens through the back of the nose. In this case, the child may have nasal obstruction, sleeping by opening mouth, snoring, especially if there are also enlarged tonsils, accompanied by apnea. If it is not recognized and treated on time, the development of the face and the palate in the child may be negatively affected. Breathing through the nose is very important for the body. In a child who constantly breathes from the mouth, a snoring child may have deformed and undeveloped child's face with the pressed nasal bridge.


When should adenoid be removed?

As is the case with tonsils, the main reason for adenoidectomy is that the child has nose stuffiness, that is, the nasal cavity in the mouth, which constantly leads to sleeping by opening the mouth, snoring or breathlessness in sleep, and some infections. These infections are mainly recurrent otitis, accumulation of water behind the ear membrane for a long time, chronic otitis accompanied by a permanent hole in the ear canal, and chronic sinusitis.


Adenoid lead to many diseases

These various problems, which are caused by adenoid, have been reported in children such as obstructive sleep apnea, upper respiratory tract resistance syndrome, snoring, nasal obstruction and associated mouth respiration, distractibility and consequent decrease in course success, restlessness and nervousness, bed wetting, swallowing and speech impairment, decreased odor, accumulation of fluid in the middle ear, hearing loss, abnormal facial and dental development, growth and developmental tension, pulmonary hypertension, cor pulmonale, otitis, sinusitis, tonsillitis, pharyngitis, pneumonia.



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