What Should The Throat Sufferers Pay Attention To?

Fluid intake should be kept at the highest level. In other words, 1.5-2 liters of water should be drunk daily. Cold food and beverages should not be consumed. It is necessary to dress properly in cold weather and pay attention not to sweat. Especially in viral infections, it is necessary to eat something have a lot of vitamins and to consume fresh vegetables and fruits. Very hot and very spicy foods and beverages should not be eaten or drunk too much. Smoke of cigarette should be avoided. Tea and coffee, which contain caffeine and tannic acid, lead to the drying of the throat. This is an undesirable thing in the treatment of sore throat.

As with any disease, sore throat also shows up special symptoms and personal treatment is required. For this reason, consult a specialist about your complaints.


Which Diseases’ Symptoms Can Sore Throat?

The most important cause of sore throat is chronic pharyngitis. That is, except for diseases not related to microbial infection, it is the inflammation of the mucous membrane in the throat, caused by the irritation of the throat.

The underlying reason for this is very important. Because it determines; both the treatment process and how treatment will result. Three very important factors leading to chronic pharyngitis are:

• Smoking. (If you do not quit smoking, you will not get a complete result from the treatment.)

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• The digestive juice comes through alimentary canal to the throat, causing chemical irritation there and side effects on the mucosa. Another infection; that is, infection of the nose, sinus or lung origin causes irritation, such as coughing or phlegm, when passing through the throat, leading to chronic pharyngitis.

• Systemic diseases such as anemia, thyroiditis and goiter. (These problems may result in a sore throat, as some irritations in the neck region may cause sore throat.)

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