What To Do After Throat Surgery In Case Of Tonsillitis

After surgery; it is important to have nutrition because it is a painful and open wound in the throat. Each medical doctor provides a one-week nutritional program for his or her postoperative nutrition. In these programs, the following sorting is usually recommended: liquid first, then soft and then solid foods.

It is forbidden to drink or eat hot, sour and peppery food or beverages for a week. In addition, beverages should not be acid-containing species such as orange juice, cherry juice, cola or soda drinks. Such beverages may cause irritation to the open wound in the throat, causing pain to increase and delay in healing. Taking too much liquid food during healing process will contribute to the wetness of the throat and less pain while swallowing. Abundant liquids also reduce the risk of bleeding after surgery.


What Is The Diet After Tonsıllectomy Surgery?

1st Day

Water, milk, fruit juice (peach, apricot, grape juice), ice cream, to be ready to start 3 hours after surgery and it will be cold.

2nd Day

In addition to the recommended on the 1st day and also cold tea, coffee, water, yogurt, pudding.


3rd Day

In addition to the recommended in the first 2 days, and also fruit, warm soup, boiled eggs, biscuits in boiled milk or tea, mash.

4th Day

In addition to the ones recommended in the first 3 days, the pasta and rice that are not warm

5th Day

In addition to the same foods, grilled meatballs and vegetable dishes that are not warm


6th And 7th Days

All kinds of food and beverages provided that it is not hot

Beginning from the second postoperative day, the wound area in the tonsils is covered with a white-gray cover. This is due to the healing process. This white covering is normal when the patient can see when the mouth is open. It can cause bad breath. After the second day, you can have a bath.



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