When Is Adenoid Surgery Required?

Adenoid is a lymphoid tissue that functions similarly to the tonsils and is placed between the nose and throat. The mission of adenoid is to produce antibodies, which are substances that help to trap microbes and viruses that enter the body and fight the microbes of the body.


The operation of adenoid called adenoidectomy occurs in the following situations. Some children may have a few of them together.

  • Larger adenoid which causes respiratory distress: Over-grown adenoid leads to symptoms such as mouth breathing, snoring and sleep apnea (respiratory standstill during sleep). It may cause failure to breathe through nose, odor and taste disorders. Acute upper respiratory tract infections may also cause similar symptoms. That's why we ask the family whether the symptoms mentioned are persistent or not. Adenoidectomy is decided by the family’s opinion. We know that the best observer is the parents.


  • Middle ear diseases due to Eustachian Tube blockage: Adenoid acts as a reservoir for microorganisms. Eustachian Tube obstruction may result in recurrent ear disorders (acute otitis media: middle ear inflammation or serous otitis media: fluid accumulation in the middle ear). In the presence of serous otitis media that cannot be healed by treatment, it may be necessary to attach a ventilation tube to the eardrum together with adenoidectomy.

  • Repeated or chronic sinus infections caused by adenoids: Growing up or infected adenoids, such as in the ear problem, can cause accumulation of secretions or cause recurrent sinus infections. Many surgeons prefer adenoidectomy as a first-line treatment in the treatment of serious sinusitis in childhood.


How Is The Healing Process Of A Patient After The Surgery?

Adenoidectomy is a less painful procedure than a tonsillectomy, and painkillers are often not needed. Nasal obstruction is healed after 7-10 days. Child's activities cannot be restricted. Applying recommended children’s diet is important. Postoperative control is within 10 days after surgery.



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