When Should Adenoid Be Removed?

As is the case with tonsils, the main reason for adenoidectomy is that there is an adenoid in the neck which constantly leads to sleep by opening mouth, snoring or asphyxiation in the sleep, and some infections. These infections are mainly recurrent otitis, a long accumulation of water behind the ear membrane, chronic otitis accompanied by a permanent hole in the ear canal, and chronic sinusitis.


Do These Surgeries Have An Age Limit?

In the past, some age limits were mentioned, especially because of anesthesia risks. Today, there is no such an age limit. A very small child, however, is being operated on because of breathing stops during sleep.


Will İt Repeat When Tonsils And Adenoid Are Removed?

Tonsil will not repeat when properly removed. Adenoid is the islet cells and is removed by scratching. It is more likely to repeat under 3 year old operations compared to above 3 years of age. As the age increases, this probability decreases.


Are There Differences In Tonsillectomy In Adults?

In adult patients we perform tonsillectomy very rarely due to infection. The main reason here is snoring in the sleep – the tonsils are the only ones that cause respiratory arrest and are done together with soft palate-epiglottis surgeries when it is necessary. Another cause of tonsillectomy, which rarely occurs in adults, is that the pores in the tonsils are filled with leftovers and a bad smell is constantly formed in the mouth. Apart from that, tonsillectomy is a painful operation and we are observing that the postoperative period in adulthood is more difficult than in children. Especially when done with soft palate operations, the pain increases more and needle pain painkillers are also needed. This process usually takes 1 week to 10 days.



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