When Should Go To Doctor For Dysphagia?

One of the elements that people need to survive is their food. In order for nutrition to take place, food taken safely must reach the stomach and intestines from the oral cavity. People swallow about 1000 times a day. The swallowing process is a process that is controlled voluntarily. In other words, it initiates and sustains the function of swallowing with human will.


Swallowing Impairment Can Occur In Three Different Swallowing Stages:

Oral phase: Problems that can be seen in the stage of feeding or chewing food or chewing or sending to the mouth from the mouth.

Pharyngeal phase: feeding food or drink to the food borrowing, ie problems that can be seen in closing the breathing tube to prevent food and drinks from escaping in the wrong direction.

The esophageal phase: the problems that can be seen when food and drink are dispatched from the food pipe.


Everyone may have difficulty swallowing occasionally when eating, but a healthy person can cleanse his throat by coughing reflexively when he tries to breathe instead of feeding the food. However, some people may not be able to perform throat clearing due to various diseases, which can sometimes lead to serious or even fatal problems. Swallowing impairment can occur in patients of all age groups and due to neurogenic, mechanical, psychological and muscular diseases (myogenic).

How Does Diagnose Of Dysphalgia?

A specialist language and speech therapist specializing in swallowing disorders evaluates people who have eating and drinking problems. The expert language and speech therapist performs the following assessment during the assessment:

• Learning the patient's medical condition and information about swallowing impairment

• Assessing the strength and movement of muscles and structures (such as the lips, tongue, chin, palate) involved in swallowing

• Evaluating the patient posture and mouth movements

• Assessment of swallowing disorder



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