When Should You Call A Doctor For Hoarseness?

If you start to feel some abnormal changes in your voice as breathy, raspy; it may easily comes from lots of reasons.The most important thing is that how long has hoarseness been with you ?

If you also have a flu or cold, it is normal that you feel some changes in your voice while being sick, you can also feel hoarseness after sing song loudly or it is possible to face this problem after screaming, crying.


You can easily prepare some effective home remedies with black pepper, honey, giner and lemon or you can also try salt water gargle, steam treatment.

But, it may also comes from a serious medical problem as throat cancer, if you have hoarseness last longer than 2 months and you also have below symptoms – you should call a doctor for hoarseness as soon as possible.


What is the Symptoms of throat cancer ?

  • Hoarseness, abnormal changes in your voice

  • Neck pain, earn pain

  • Swallowing, breathing difficulties

  • Swelling and lumps around neck

  • Sore throat

These symptoms don’t always occur with cancer.. but These are the keys for probability of throat cancer, so if you have some changes in your voice and feel these symptoms, it will be better to see a doctor.


Who Is at Risk for Throat Cancer?

  • Smoking – The worst enemy of Throat Cancer

  • drinking alcohol

  • caused by genetic factors

What is the treatment of throat cancer ?

There are different ways of treatment for throat cancer as below, The doctor will decide for surgery with you according to your problems and stage of throat cancer.

Treatment for early stage throat cancer.

Remove a necessary part of the voice box

Remove whole part of the throat

Remove lymph nodes in neck which effect to cancer




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