Which Diseases Have Hoarseness As A Symptom?

Often, hoarseness that is thought as the symptom of a fatigue or a common cold can be a symptom of serious illnesses; it may be the symptom of laryngeal cancer to vocal cord cysts. The diagnosis and treatments that are important are as follows.

The decrease in the volume of the voice is called the hoarseness. But apart from this, the loss of voice completely, muffled voice, and creaking sound are also included in the hoarseness.


While the air that comes from the lungs passes through the throat, it causes the vibration of vocal cord and then it is the base of the voice. This raw sound is formed by processing with the contribution of pharynx, tongue, teeth, lips, nose and sinuses. The vocal cord is located in the place continuing throat after mouth and pharynx.

Each structure (lung, voice, pharynx, tongue, teeth, lips, nose and sinuses) that we mentioned above contributes to the formation of voice and can cause hoarseness.


Acute Hoarseness Reasons

  • Fulminant laryngeal inflammation (laryngitis),

  • Using voice wrongly or hardly

  • High-dose smoking / exposure to smoke is a cause of sudden hoarseness.

Chronic Hoarseness Reasons

  • The cyst on the vocal cord

  • Nodules and polyps

  • Some lung diseases

  • tumors of the laryngeal and surrounding tissues

  • The paralysis caused by the nerve that causes the movements of the vocal cord,

  • irritation on the vocal cord due to long-term use of cigarettes,

  • Acid burning caused by reflux through throat to the mouth

  • Irritation of vocal cord by nasal discharge due to inflammation of allergies and sinuses

  • Psychological reasons may result in chronic and repetitive hoarseness.


Notice If You Have 10 Days Long Hoarseness

Diagnosis and treatment of HOARSENESS should be done by a specialist. The methods applied at home to heal the hoarseness can damage rather than benefit. A hoarseness that lasts 10 days and more should be evaluated by an ENT specialist.



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