Who Applies For A Throat Culture?

Conducted in medical laboratories to identify bacteria that creates the infection in the throat, test ”throat culture” is called. A throat culture to be done right provides the use of the drug. By culture, the use of the wrong antibiotics, that may arise from this economic loss and, most importantly, bacteria that have developed resistance to drugs is prevented. Without appropriate treatment, these microorganisms sometimes the heart, joints and even kidney diseases can cause.


Why Throat Culture Is Applied?

Group a streptococci (GAS) tonsillopharyngitis is one of the important reasons. Occur at any age and is seen most often in school children.

Diagnosis of infection is made based on clinical findings colloquially called beta germs gas. It is obvious that is not enough to initiating treatment with clinical findings only.In this case, the diagnosis must be confirmed by laboratory tests. Rapid diagnostic tests for diagnosis and a throat culture should be done. A throat culture positive rapid diagnostic test in the cases that are validated with the requirements. Treatment can be started. Only a throat culture for group a beta-hemolytic streptococci reproducing is performed for other pathogens will not be considered. Throat culture gas need not be done routinely in the breed,when it is received in accordance with a throat culture sensitivity 95% it should be noted that it is in.


On the other hand, in all cases with tonsillopharyngitis, there is no indication of laboratory tests made. If you judge if the patient has clinical symptoms to a viral infection, and in this case is less than 3 years of age if the age of the patient, laboratory tests may be requested on a routine basis.


Who Applies For A Throat Culture ?

Routine throat cultures after treatment of each patient is not recommended, but for those individuals with or at risk for rheumatic fever, a throat culture should be repeated with the carrier.



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