Who Can Have Throat Surgery?

The increase in the size of the tinnitus, which is infected with viruses or bacteria, is felt as tonsil swelling. As a result, there is tonsillectomy. Tonsilox operations are applicable at all ages, usually in the 3 to 5 age group, but when the necessary conditions and requirements for tonsil operation occur, expecting a child to grow older will often be very damaging to use.

Is There A Season For Tonsillectomy?

Tonsilent operations can be done in all seasons, but very hot days in summer are not suitable. Post-operative pain may restrict fluid intake and increase the complication rate of small children. Usually winter and spring are more convenient months.


Is tonsil operation risky? Could you tell us about the use of anesthesia in tonsillectomy?

The relative risk of tonsillectomy and nasal surgery is relatively low, but every surgical intervention has certain risks. Since these operations are performed more frequently, especially in the pediatric age group, both surgery and anesthesia should be done very carefully. Since the operation area is also the airway area, units with experienced and specialized equipment should be selected for anesthesia. New techniques and drugs developed in recent years in anesthesia science have greatly reduced the complications of anesthesia. Post-operative pain can be a problem especially for adult patients, In patients with pain, often with simple pain relievers. It is important in post-operative bleeding. Oral bleeding is usually normal on the first day, but if the bleeding continues or worsens in the following days, it is necessary to switch to the operating physician without losing time, very rarely a new operation is required for bleeding control.

Post-operative nutrition is very important in reducing complications. Cutter and hard food should never be consumed, usually liquid and semi-liquid weight should be fed. As a result, tonsillectomy and nasal surgery are frequent, experienced, and problem-free operations.



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