Who Should Have Tonsils Surgery?

Indications (requirements) for tonsillitis surgery are:


  • Frequent infections: 3 or more infections in one year, in successive years.

  • Growing of the tonsils as much as swallowing and breathing difficult

  • Unilateral growth of tonsils (May be a symptom of malign diseases)

  • It causes accumulation of food on the tongue causing bad breath.

  • Adenoid and tonsils cause accumulation of fluid in the ear causing hearing loss

  • Common sinusitis and chronic inflammation of the adenoid causing chronic cough


Should Tonsils Be Taken? Is Tonsil Always Taken With Adenoid?

Tonsil operations should be performed when it is necessary. Since tonsils are similar to lymphoid tissues of adenoid, especially in pediatric patients, tonsillectomy problems are often associated with nasal problems and should usually be taken together when needed. Removal of these lymphoid tissues is usually required for two reasons. First, the size of the tonsils and nasal polyps increases and the airway obstructs, the second is frequent inflammation. Having great tonsils causes the problems of swallowing, nutrition and speech. Foods that accumulate on the tonsils can also cause bad breath. The large size of the adenoid tissue leads to nasal obstruction. In these patients it causes sleeping by opening mouth and snoring. In addition, recurrent tonsillitis infections can cause problems in the heart, articular, and kidneys. In such cases, it is necessary to plan tonsillectomy and adenoid surgery.


When Should Tonsils Be Taken?

Tonsils can be taken at any age when it is necessary. Except for respiratory arrest attacks (apnea) usually occurring at nighttime sleep, it is waited after the age of 2.5 for tonsillectomy operations. Adenoid operations can be safely performed at younger ages. There is no upper age limit for tonsillectomy operations but complications such as bleeding and pain are more common in adult patients after operation.



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