Who There Is A Risk Of Throat Cancer?

Laryngeal cancer is a disease characterized by uncontrolled growth of epithelial cells covering mainly of the larynx and destruction of peripheral structures. This type of cancer of the throat cancer originates from the covering layer called squamous cell carcinoma and constitutes a large part of the malignant tumors that appear in this organ. Laryngeal cancers, like other malignant tumors, become life-threatening when they go without treatment and leap to the lymph appendages and other organs of the body.


What Are The Causes Of Laryngeal Cancer?

The greatest risk for laryngeal cancer formation is tobacco and alcohol consumption. Especially when these two habits are found together, the risk of cancer is doubling. The following are the main risk factors for the formation of laryngeal cancer: cigarettes and other tobacco products are the most important factor, leaving no doubt in the formation of laryngeal cancer. The amount of cigarettes consumed per day and the duration of smoking habits directly affect the risk of cancer. Inhalation or cigarette smoke does not reduce cancer risk as much as you might think.


Consumption of 3 cigarettes a day is considered to increase the risk of cancer in the areas of mouth, throat, pharynx and larynx. Cigarette smoke is also a major risk factor for the formation of all respiratory tract, food pus, and bladder cancer from the dermat to the lung. Alcohol is the second factor that is particularly effective in the formation of the supraglottic region (upper region of the throat) cancers. quantity and duration of the habit. Alcohol habit with smoking habit increases the risk of cancer much more.

Alcohol is thought to lead to cancer of the supraglottic region, which is mostly on the voice coil, and of cigarette, to the cancer of the glottic region where the vocal tract is found.


Who İs Laryngeal Cancer More Common?

Throat cancer (larynx cancer) is typically a disease of men over 40 years of age. But it can also occur in the 30s. The longer the period of exposure to smoking and alcohol, the greater the risk of laryngeal cancer. This disease is less common in women. There are approximately 4 female to 1 female patients. Increased smoking habits also increase the incidence of this disease in women.



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