Who Vocal Cord Cysts Are Seen ?

Sound is one of the most important parts of our lives. The tone of the voice of the quiche may be a clue to the personality of the personality. There may be some voice disorders in humans. One of these diseases is the scabies. In some people, the incidence of this disease can be higher. Speech nodules; Singers, actors, teachers, as well as children with vocal trauma that can be treated quickly with microsurgery or speech therapy.


Cyst; Filled with water or any substance. These types of cysts are very common in the vocal tracts. There are many types of cysts in the vocal cord. Each cyst has a different cause and different treatment. According to the cystine grade and shape, the influence of the voice in the long run also changes. Congenital cysts cause vocal culpability from childhood, and when they are detected they cause serious damage to the vocal tract.


What Are The Causes Of Vesicular Cystine?

Voice-cured polyps and cysts are usually single, isolated lesions that can form in any part of the vocal tract. These lesions are often associated with poor voice use and possibly with laryngopharyngeal reflux (latent reflux). Like other mass lesions of the vocal tract, these lesions also cause long-term vocalizations. Polyps are especially seen in people who speak suddenly by raising their voice from time to time and working in noisy environments. The cysts are located under the mucosa. It may be congenital or may occur later.


Is Vocal Surgery Dangerous?

It is not dangerous unless it is otherwise. Typical treatment of acuminate polyps and cysts is microlaryngeal surgeon. This operation is done under general anesthesia. An incision is made on the vocal tract and the polyp or cyst is removed under the microscope without damaging the rest of the vocal tract.




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