Who’s Tonsils Can Be Removed?

The tonsils are round, almond-shaped tissues on the right and left side of the back of the tongue. Tonsils play an important role in the fight against infections of the body. Sometimes it may be sore throat, pain and sensitivity in the swallow, headache and fever. These symptoms are caused by bacteria and viruses in the tonsils. Each infectious condition does not require surgery. Treatment can also solve this problem. The operation is that removing tonsils from where the tonsils are. Usually 3 to 10 years of age is ideal for this operation. Children under the age of 3 are not eligible to receive tonsils if operation is not necessary.


To be operated on in the individual or child; there should be complaints such as throat infection which affects daily life, infections of the tonsils that occur frequently and recurrent otitis, at least five tonsil infections in one year, swelling due to extreme swollen tonsils and respiratory distress. The doctor may decide on operation by considering these complaints. Medical treatment of tonsillitis infections are painkillers and antibiotics. These are the main drugs. If no response is obtained with these treatments, the operation should be done.


Benefits And Damages

Having a tonsillectomy does not mean that we will never have an infection on throat again. Throat pain may recur even if tonsils are taken. However, many people are getting serious relief after tonsillectomy.

As with every operation, there are risks in the tonsillectomy operation. We can take a step towards a healthier life by assessing today's opportunities, thinking the benefits and damages to ourselves and making decisions. Tonsillectomy is a frequently performed and safe operation. In addition, if we take care of our pre- and post-operative care, it is possible to heal within a short period like two weeks.




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