Why Are The Causes Of Tonsillitis?

The vast majority of tonsillitis in children up to the first 3 years of age develops due to viruses. Tonsillitis that are caused by bacteria or viruses have some common symptoms although have different symptoms. Symptoms of infection with viruses include redness on the tonsils, mild temperature, sore throat, difficulty in swallowing, nasal discharge, cough, and post nasal discharge.


Infections that are result of bacteria can cause fever (over 38oC), throat pain, swallowing difficulty, nausea, vomiting, sometimes abdominal pain, reflective pain on ears, arthralgias, painful gland (lymphadenopathy). Sore throat is a common symptom in both types of infections. However, it does not mean that all throat pain is the cause of viral or bacterial tonsillitis.


Especially in the summer months, especially consuming freezing of cold food and beverages may cause pain in the back wall of the throat and tonsils, but this type of throat pain is temporary. Children are free to eat ice cream, especially in the summer months; should consume only those products which have been produced in hygienic conditions and which have not yet expired.


In the summer months, especially in air-conditioned environments, the air filters of the air conditioners should be cleaned periodically with antibacterial products, hygienic conditions should be preferred, ventilation systems of the children's areas such as kindergartens should be hygienic and clean air circulation should be provided. In addition to these, liquids such as liquid soap, disposable towel, handkerchief etc. should be used in common areas for cleaning.

Antibiotics are not provided in viral tonsillitis because they are ineffective. Only medicines are given to relieve complaints, such as pain relievers, antipyretic. Antibiotics may be given to protect against secondary bacterial infections if viral infection is present in patients with poor immune systems. Bacterial tonsillitis is considered the first choice of penicillin treatment.



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