Why Do Frequent Repetitive Throat Pain Occur?

Sore throat is the most common complaint. So many people are examined and treated.


What Happens To The Throat Pain?

Sore throat can occur as a symptom of many illnesses. Inflammation is the most common cause of sore throat and it is contagious. Inflammations are usually caused by viruses (colds, infectious mononucleosis …) or bacteria (strep, mycoplasma …). The most important difference between bacteria and viruses is that the bacteria can be treated with antibiotics and the viruses can not be treated. In particular, one of the most important symptoms of upper respiratory infections is sore throat.


How Often Are Upper Respiratory Tract İnfections Seen?

Upper respiratory tract infections are among the most common infections. Social studies in this context give the figures in the general population that upper respiratory tract infections between 2 and 4 times per year for every average person. Upper respiratory tract infections in children are more common, especially in winter months. Therefore, it is natural for a child who goes to home or school to be sick 8-10 times a year.


How Is Throat Pain Treated With Natural Treatment Methods?

A sore throat caused by a cold or a cold can be slightly reduced by the following practices:

  • Increase your fluid intake (Honey hot tea is a popular public diet).

  • Have a humidifier or vapor source in your bedroom. Gargle your throat several times a day with salt water (put a quarter of salt in a glass of salt).

  • You can use light painkillers.

  • You can use it from the pillars that numb the throat.

If a sore throat lasts longer than five to seven days caused by a simple cold, you should see a doctor if you are not allergic or irritant you can avoid. The following indications should alert you to your doctor:

  • Severe and long-lasting sore throat

  • Difficulty breathing

  • Swallowing difficulty

  • Difficulty in opening the mouth

  • Joint pain

  • Fire (over 38 degrees)

  • Repetitive sore throat

  • Swelling in the neck

  • Voice annoyance that lasts for two weeks



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