Why Do Throat Culture?

Those with children often refer to the throat culture assay and want to know about this assay. Children who go to nursery, kindergarten or elementary school are often caught for a throat infection. Mothers and fathers sometimes ask the doctors to take a throat culture at the request of the nursery or the nursery where they or their children are at the same time.


What The Throat Culture?

Throat culture is an attempt to determine the bacteria in the tonsils and swallowing. Because it is easy to make and the price is also convenient, it is frequently done in the laboratories. There are some bacteria in the throat known as normal throat flora. When the disease progresses, these normal flora bacteria as well as bacteria that are known as Group Beta Hemolytic Streptococcus are also found.


Throat culture is being analyzed to determine the 'beta-hemolytic streptococcus group' bacteria, also known as 'Beta Mikrobu' among the population. This bacterium can sometimes cause heart, joint, kidney diseases. Tonsils and throat infections are not associated with bacterial infections in many patients and may also develop due to viruses. These viruses can not be detected in throat culture. Throat cultures inform physicians about whether the source of the infection is bacterial or viral.


How To Make Throat Culture?

The throat culture is taken up with a sterile stick wrapped around cotton tipped. This rod is applied to the tonsils and pharynx and samples are taken from that area. These samples are evaluated in appropriate places in the laboratory environment to determine which bacteria are produced. Throat culture is a useful and economical test that often prevents our children from taking antibiotics unnecessarily, even when they are empty, when physicians are appropriately asked to do so, and culture can not produce disease-causing bacteria.



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