Why Does Sore Throat Occur?

The sore throat that can be experienced in all seasons is seen more in the winter months when the air cools. Getting an antibiotic immediately for a sore throat comes at the beginning of the most common mistakes. Antibiotics that are not useful in pharyngitis-induced sore throat should be used to treat inflammatory tonsils.


Your throat may be aching due to different conditions. The only cause of pain in the throat is often seen as the first thing colloquially, even though there is no inflammation of the tonsils. There are 5 more tonsils, where are in the back of the tongue, on the right and left, other than the tonsils. The tonsils, which are arranged like a ring on the human throat and a function as a control tower, control the microorganisms entering the body by air. Tonsillar inflammation is the inflammation of these two tonsils that the public known as cryptic tonsillitis. The pain that appears in the throat may also be caused by viruses. Pharyngitis which affects the entire throat structure may be confused with the symptoms of tonsillitis.


Do Not Confuse These Symptoms

There are differences between pharyngitis and tonsillitis that can easily be recognized by a specialist and a patient.

• When the tonsil inflammation has white spots on reddish tonsils, pharyngitis appears red in the entire throat.


• High fever is not symptom of pharyngitis, but fever is seen in tonsillitis.

• When there are pharyngitis pharyngeal odor is not existed, but oral odor is apparent in the patient due to inflammation of tonsil.

• While tonsillitis is extremely painful, the pain felt that is caused by pharyngitis is not so severe.

• In patients with tonsillitis, the patient usually has to go to bed, but the pharyngitis can be treated by ambulatory treatment.



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