Why Is Apply For A Throat Culture?

Throat culture is a test to determine the bacteria in the tonsils and swallowing. There are normally some bacteria in the throat. This is called the normal throat flush. Tonsils and throat inflammation are also linked to viral infections in many patients. These viruses can not be detected in throat culture. Throat culture is commonly referred to as 'beta-hemolytic streptococcus group A', commonly known as 'Beta'. This bacterium can sometimes cause heart, joint, kidney diseases.


How To Do A Throat Culture?

The throat culture is taken up with a sterile stick wrapped around cotton tipped. This rod is placed on the tonsils and pharynx and samples are taken from that area. These samples are evaluated in the appropriate media in the laboratory environment to determine which bacteria are produced. Many times, culture is accompanied by the so-called 'antibiogram', which examines which antibiotics are sensitive. This cyst usually results in 48 hours. During this period, the patient needs to start antibiotics. In recent years, rapid tests have been used to detect only 'beta' bacteria. With this test, results can be obtained within 5-10 minutes. The accuracy and precision of these tests are very high.


Why Is Apply For A Throat Culture?

The necessity of throat cultivation is not very common. When a throat inflammation is detected, antibiotics usually start. Taking cultural results may not be very useful because it lasts for 48 hours. The 'Beta' bacteria are sensitive to almost all of the antibiotics used for the throat and therefore no culture is needed. Rapid beta testing is especially needed in high-risk patients in terms of heart, joint, and kidney diseases, in schools, barracks, etc. Sometimes patients are willing to cultivate.


The presence of any bacterium and accordingly the use of antibiotics makes sense. However, many times the culture is useless. We recommend that you let your doctor decide on the necessity of culture.



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