Why is it necessary to be a throat surgery?

Tonsils and adenoids play a role in the immune system of the body. They are the lymphoid tissues that are responsible for the production of lymphocytes. The tongue is located at the entrance of the throat on both sides of the tongue root and the nose is located in the nasal region behind the nose called nasopharynx. Lymphocytes and antibodies produced by tonsils and nasal mucosa have only an adjunct role in the local immune system, with mucosal immunoglobulins and systemically produced lymphocytes in the main role. As a result of the tonsils being infected with a virus or bacteria is felt as increase in size swelling of tonsils. Sore throat, fever, difficulty swallowing, fatigue, bad smell in the mouth, symptoms such as swelling of glands in the neck can be added.


How to decide on tonsil and adenoid surgery?

  • Indications for tonsil and adenoid surgery (requirements) include the following:
  • Often passing on the infection: successive 3 years or more of infection passing.
  • Growth of the tonsils and difficult swallowing and breathing enough to make
  • Unilateral tonsillar growth (malignant diseases can be a symptom of)
  • Build up and food on tonsil that cause bad breath.
  • Adenoid growth enough to disrupt respiration
  • Fluid buildup in the ear, hearing loss, adenoids and tonsils as a cause create
  • Chronic adenoid infections that often cause chronic cough and attacks of sinusitis


When should tonsils be taken?

Tonsils is required in cases where it can be taken at any age. Usually at night stop breathing during sleep disorder (Sleep Apnea) after the age of 2.5, except for the formation of tonsil operations should be expected. Smaller adenoid operations can be applied with confidence in age. Tonsil operations, there is no upper age limit, but bleeding in adult patients after the operation, complications such as pain are more common.



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