Why Sometimes We Have A Frog In Our Throat

To have a frog in one's throat can be caused several things. Usually it can be caused by cough, post nasal drainage, runny nose and phlegm. This problem is usually seen in winter but it can be seen all over the year. This disease can be seen in most of the people does not matter the age group or gender. This diseas can usually be triggered by chronical disease and beside these viruses and bacterias can be also effective to have such a disease. If you have reflux wich is a kind of post nasal drainage this can cause to have a sore throat. To prevent the reflux and also the sore throat problem hurry up to see your doctor. Probably they will start a treatment to end up your reflux problem.


If your saliva go to your wind pipe this can also cause a sore throat but it would not last to long and will probably end up in afew minutes. Pollens and dust can also cause and trigger sore throat. If you have allergies to such things you have to visit a doctor about your allergies. The doctor will find out what you are allergic to so that you will not face with this problem anymore. If you use alcohol and cigarette you have to stop this at least until the sore throat problem ends. Cold and sinusitis can also cause and trigger a sore throat. Lastly we can say that some a sore throat can be caused of psychological stuffs as well. If you remain under stress for too long this can cause a sore throat as well.


How To Prevent

To prvent this problem you have to know what are the causes behind and treat them.




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