Why Throat Surgery Is Constructed?

Throat surgery is an operation that usually involves problems such as inflammation in the tonsils on both sides of the throat. Infection of the tonsils, which is an important function of fighting with micros, can be the cause of the disease. Affects people aged from 3 to 15 years in the community at most. However, this risk is exacerbated in adults and elderly people. Often mixed with throat pain, tonsillitis is treated with throat surgery. Discomfort manifests itself with sore throat spreading to the ears, fever, swelling in the neck, swallowing difficulty. If there is too much swelling, effects such as snoring and breathing are seen in sleep. In this case, the tonsils that are diagnosed by examinations and examinations are treated surgically.


Why Is Throat Surgery Done?

Throat surgery is performed to surgically remove inflammatory tonsils. In the past, these surgeries were made more. However, as antibiotics began to be used, there was a decrease in operations for tonsils. Often in the formation of tonsil inflammation, respiratory and swallowing difficulty, throat surgery is done in case of tonsil tumors. A throat surgery decision can be made if the patient has had tonsillitis in the past year, more than five months in the past year, or at least three times a year in the last three years. In addition, people who have antibiotic use in those who have previously undergone throat surgery can be done.


Is Throat Surgery Risky?

Like other surgical procedures, throat surgery also poses risks. Anesthesia risks include vomiting and nausea, pain, swelling, edema, difficulty in breathing, and damage to tissues. Bleeding may occur in patients within the first day or after crusting. However, it is possible to prevent the bleeding easily. This type of bleeding is more common in adults. Bleeding in children is less effective. Pain is a problem that affects everybody.




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