Why Your Upper Respiratory System Get İnfected

The infection of upper respiratory system is also known as cold. It is a disease that led as to visit a doctor. It is like that in our country and others as well. This disease causes infection in the throat and nose which goes directly to our upper respiratory system. With this disease more than 200 viruses and bacteria enter directly to our body. Children at the age of 3-5 may have this problem 5 to 8 times in a year. Children who went to kindergarten or school may have this problem more frequently. Children above the age of 6 may have this problem more rarely when compared with the previous years. Children who are 13-20 may face with this disease 2-4 times a year.


In Which Season the Upper Respiratory System Get İnfected the Most

Upper respiratory system infection happens currently in fall and winter seasons. This disease is not caused because the weather get cold as it is usually thought like that. If your child went to school this augment the risk of encountering viruses and get infected. In these cold seasons people get closer with each other in closed places. Such reasons may increase the risk of encountering with viruses and get infected.


What Are the Symptoms of Upper Respiratory System Infection?

The symptoms of upper respiratory system begins 1-3 days after the children get the viruses in his/her body and shows itself during 1 week.


This period of time may change according to the child. To talk about the symptoms if your child have fewer, her/his nose is stuck, have problem while sleeping or cannot sleep and vomit all the time or need to vomit but could not these can be caused by this infection. In elder people the symptoms are a bit different. If your nose and throat is scratching, if you feel tired and such symptoms may be because of your infection.





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